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Special Edition Portfolios

cover of The Carpenter And The Twig

Two editions exist of each Mark Dahle Portfolio.

The mass market edition, available in fine bookstores, is six by nine inches. Each copy is dated to the time of purchase, giving early investors bragging rights over others who acquire their copies later.

Of special interest to art collectors

Art collectors will be interested in the Special Edition of each Mark Dahle Portfolio.

Each Special Edition Portfolio is a large-size version, printed by the artist.

At 13 x 19 inches, Special Edition Mark Dahle Portfolios make a beautiful statement on coffee tables, display stands or large bookshelves. These Portfolios provide a way for collectors to display additional art even if their walls are already full.

Only ten copies exist of each Special Edition Portfolio. Numbers six through ten are reserved for Mark Dahle Art Museums; numbers one through five are available to collectors and institutions.

Portfolio #5, if available, is $24,000.

Portfolio #4, if available, is $30,000.

Portfolio #3, at $36,000, is available only as a part of a set. Sets currently available include:

Amanda Wanted A Miracle (5 Portfolios, including Amanda Gets A Pumpkin) $180,000

Little Gibbon's Big Adventures (4 Portfolios, including Monkey Brains On Big River) $144,000

Terminal Three (5 Portfolios, including The Eighth Anniversary Of LuniGrab) $180,000

Commentaries (4 Portfolios, including Birdseed) $144,000

Portfolio #2, at $42,000 each, is offered as part of a set of all 49 portfolios released to date.

Portfolio #1 includes the painting associated with the portfolio. (All other portfolios include a photograph of the painting.) Ask for current pricing of this unique set.

Portfolios for children and adults

Portfolios for older kids and adults

Or see our complete list of all Mark Dahle Portfolios.

About Artists' Books

If you purchase a beautiful Mark Dahle Portfolio without realizing beforehand that it is an artist's book, you may be surprised when you start reading it.

It looks like a children's book, but the words and the art don’t match. It’s like you’re reading two or three different books at the same time.

Artists' books often defy people's expectations of how things should look or how they should work.

Artists' books cause you to think and ponder things
you have taken for granted,
like how a book works, or how life works.

As Mark Dahle says, "If you want everything to be straightforward in your life, you probably don’t need an artist’s book. You might not want children or artists either."

An artist's book is not just a book that has been illustrated by an artist. An artist's book goes beyond this. In some way, the book itself is the art, or a portion of it.

Sometimes the book is cut, folded or transformed into sculpture. Sometimes, as in the case of Mark Dahle Portfolios, conventions of the book are changed so something new emerges. But in some way, the book itself is involved in the artist's vision of something new.

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