Endangered Photos

Mark Dahle Portfolios featuring the Endangered Photos series contain the image of a painting, a very short description of the project, and the images of 111 Endangered Photos. You might think of the portfolios as a catalog of one-of-a-kind artworks available to collectors, as well as a beautiful record of the project itself. Only one Endangered Photo of each image is available; each is a unique artwork.

Hay Bales series Hay Bales 112-222 Hay Bales 223-333 Hay Bales 334-444 Hay Bales 445-555 Hay Bales 556-666 Hay Bales 778-888 Railroad Ties series Railroad Ties 112-222 Railroad Ties 223-333 Railroad Ties 334-444 Train Cars series Train Cars 112-222 Train Cars 223-333 Train Cars 334-444 Telephone Poles series Telephone Poles 112-222 Telephone Poles 223-333 Telephone Poles 334-444 Telephone Poles 445-555 Telephone Poles 667-777

Information for art collectors

Only one print of each image is available. The one-of-a-kind Fine Art prints are 13 x 19 inches. They are created and signed by the artist.

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