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An Art Collectors Dilemma:
What do you do
when you have no wall space left?

An artist's book by Mark Dahle

Sooner or later, every art collector hits the same problem: they've got more art than they've got walls to display the art.

Most of us keep collecting anyway.

Herbert and Dorothy Vogel had drawings, sketches and works on paper stuffed under their bed, on top of their refrigerator, and all around their flat. Their eventual solution: to gift some of the more than 4,000 artworks they collected to 50 different museums.

Eli and Edythe Broad had storage spaces around Los Angeles until they were able to consolidate 2,000 artworks at their new museum.

What will you do when you run out of wall space?

Will you build a museum? Create a storage space for the overflow? Shift your collecting focus to something that doesn't require walls?

One solution that some collectors adopt is to start collecting art that can be displayed in the middle of a room. Some collect sculpture. A few collect artists' books. Most, of course, just get more storage space and keep their collection mostly hidden from view.

One great solution

Our great solution won't work for everyone. But for some collectors, Mark Dahle Portfolios are an amazing way to add more art without impacting your walls. Mark Dahle Portfolios can be displayed on large bookshelves in your library, on coffee tables in any room, and on pedestals anywhere.

Cover of Farmer Jane

The Collector's Edition of each portfolio, at 13 x 19 inches, fits on any oversized bookshelf. Each portfolio contains at least 20 beautiful fine art photographs, a story or essay, and a photograph of one of Mark Dahle's paintings. Each is a unique work, an edition of one. An unlimited number of copies of the 6 x 9 inch mass market edition are available, but only one copy exists of the Collector's Edition.

Some collectors are attracted by the stories. Some are funny. Some are slightly creepy. Some are inspirational. You'll probably find one just right for you. Other collectors are attracted by the locations of the photographs. The urban and industrial photos include scenes from Madrid, Basel, New York, Alaska, and the Arizona desert, to name a few. But don't expect glamor shots of the cities. Mark takes pictures of things that are accidentally beautiful.

One Day's Encouragement

Admittedly, not every art collector is interested in artists books, or in urban photography, or in stories, or new art forms. So our solution isn't for everyone. But for some who like being ahead of the curve, collecting a Special Edition Mark Dahle Portfolio will be a great way to add to an art collection without impacting one's wall space.

Of course, if you still have wall or storage space, Mark Dahle has some solutions to fill that as well. His set of 31 paintings in the Dallas County series or the 34 paintings in Orange County series will overwhelm most walls and spaces except those specifically designed for contemporary art.