Amanda Wanted A Miracle

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Amanda Wanted A Miracle is a series of beautiful Mark Dahle Portfolios.

Each book in the series includes includes a colorful abstract painting, more than twenty beautiful photographs, and a story about Amanda. Amanda wanted a miracle, but she kept getting something else.

Books in the series include:

1 Amanda Gets A Pumpkin

2 Amanda Gets A Watermelon

3 Amanda Gets A Surprise

4 Amanda Gets A Neighbor

5 Amanda Gets A Miracle

Unlike many picture books, the story in each book is not related to the photographs or painting.

From the first book:

“Oh dear,” said her grandmother. “You didn’t want a pumpkin? Perhaps we’ll have to try again.”

The books are suitable for older kids and adults.

Books in the series

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About Mark Dahle Portfolios

Mark Dahle Portfolios can be read in a few minutes and then enjoyed for a lifetime. Thought-provoking and beautiful, they feature an unusual combination of compelling photographs, brilliant paintings and deceptively simple text.

The short, 50-page books have several different kinds of fans. The portfolios were created for art collectors who don't mind feeling initially disoriented as they look at art. But because of the enjoyable stories, the portfolios are also popular with grandparents and parents who want to encourage reading, and with kids of all ages who like the stories.

Unlike most picture books, the text is not related to the art next to it. This might seem a little weird to adults. Kids, however, seem to roll with the discontinuity just fine.

The portfolios encourage adults bothered by the unusual layout to order more books until they get used to it. Anyone following this advice has plenty of portfolios to choose from; more than 50 have been released to date in a wide variety of styles and genres.

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Information for art collectors

Mark Dahle Portfolios are individually dated, giving collectors bragging rights over people who acquire their copies later.

In addition, ten large 13 x 19 inch versions of each portfolio are available. Five of the ten are already reserved; five are available to individual art collectors and organizations.

You can find more information here: Special Edition Portfolios for Art Collectors