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The Venice Biennale

Art Basel Switzerland

Art Basel Miami Beach

Armory Week and Frieze New York

ArtPrize Grand Rapids

Tips for visiting
Art Basel Miami Beach
December 7-10, 2017

Miami Beach, Florida

If you like modern and contemporary art, don't miss Miami Art Week with Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Miami/Context and more than a dozen other great satellite fairs. This five-day event is the largest collection of contemporary art anywhere in the world.

Add to the fairs the local galleries, private collections, and museums that are open, and you've got more great art than you can see even if you walk fast and stay out late. Ideally you'll schedule at least four days for this event.

Be sure to check out tips for visiting Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach. Also check out our information on Art Miami, Scope, and NADA.

Tips for visiting New York Art Galleries, Frieze NY and Armory Week

Reconstruction, New York, copyright Mark Dahle 2011.

If you're going to Manhattan to look at art, you'll find helpful tips on our page about New York Art Galleries, Armory Week, and Frieze NY.

Tips for visiting
Art Basel in Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Art Basel in Switzerland is an immense art fair that features prominent galleries from around the world and almost all the top modern and contemporary artists.

Check out our article on Art Basel Switzerland to help plan your trip.

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, MI, home of ArtPrize

ArtPrize is an important social experiment that creates dialog about art between art professionals, the general public, and unrepresented artists. For great tips about visiting this intriguing event, see our article on ArtPrize Grand Rapids.

Tips for visiting the 57th Venice Biennale in before Nov 26, 2017

Venice, Italy

Get a head start on planning your trip to the 57th Venice Biennale. Check out our report on what to expect in 2017 as well as highlights from prior years.

Understanding Abstract Art

If you (or someone you know) can't figure out abstract art, our article on Understanding Abstract Art is a great place to start.

The page has beautiful examples of paintings in some of Mark Dahle's current art series, and it's a great resource to pass on to others.

Mark Dahle Portfolios

One Days Encouragement Cover Galfins Restaurant Cover An Assignment From Hell Cover

Thought-provoking and beautiful, Mark Dahle Portfolios feature an unusual combination of compelling photographs, brilliant paintings and deceptively simple text.

Mark has released more than forty beautiful, engaging portfolios so far! Check out the titles available.

Stay up to date on the latest releases by signing up for our newsletter below.

Endangered Photos

Endangered Telephone Pole #221 Copyright Mark Dahle 2014

Mark Dahle's acclaimed series of beautiful Endangered Photos are one-of-a-kind originals. Each image is printed in an edition of one.

1000 Mops

1000 Mops #134 copyright Mark Dahle 2014

Mark Dahle is creating a series of 1000 Mops, each a one-of-a-kind original artwork.

Mop 134 is one from this dynamic series of 1000 Mops.

Random Topics

Steel Bridge, Portland, OR

Neighbors that smoke, resumes that keep people from being hired, people and products that try to pretend they're something they're not -- all are covered in our Random Topics section. Plus you get great photos not seen on any other page.

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Art Basel Miami Beach
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Random Topics
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Mark Dahle's booth at Mission Federal ArtWalk 2015

Mark Dahle's paintings and photographic portfolios on display at ArtWalk in San Diego. Mark had abstract paintings from his series on Orange County (with yellow backgrounds on the left) and Dallas County (with red backgrounds, on the right), plus several examples from his series of 1000 Mops and recent photographic portfolios, including The Grasshopper And The Flea.

Mark exhibited in both 2008 and 2015. The first two photos below show Mark and his parents getting his booth ready in 2008; the last two show Mark and his parents in 2015 and the booth from 2015.

Mark Dahle at ArtWalk 2008

Setting up for Mark Dahle's exhibit at ArWalk 2008 Mark Dahle at Mission Federal ArtWalk 2015

Mark Dahle at Mission Federal ArtWalk 2015

Mark Dahle Portfolios on display at PhotoBook Independent at Raleigh Studios Hollywood. Visitors to the photography art fair got to see:

  • Mark Dahle Portfolios in paperback form
  • Limited Edition Artworks based on the covers of the portfolios
  • Limited Edition photographs from the portfolios
  • Limited Edition Portfolios
  • Endangered Photos (unique images released in editions of one)
  • Several examples from the series of 1000 Mops

It was great to meet so many wonderful collectors.


Mark Dahle Portfolios at PhotoBook Independent 2015 Mark Dahle at PhotoBook Independent 2015

Endangered Photos:
One-of-a-kind Originals

Endangered Telephone Pole #221 Copyright Mark Dahle 2014

For some time, Mark Dahle has been working with the themes of permanence and extinction, memory and loss. Above is pictured Endangered Telephone Pole #221, an image from Mark Dahle's acclaimed series of beautiful Endangered Photos.

Unlike most printed photos where multiple copies exist, images in the Endangered Photos Series are one-of-a-kind originals. Only one artwork is made by Mark Dahle from each image. If anything happens to the artwork, it is lost forever.

Endangered Telephone Poles are available as individual artworks, in sets of 10 different images, and in sets of 100 unique images. Only 1000 total unique artworks will be created in the Endangered Telephone Poles series.

(Mark is working on other series of Endangered Photos, including a series on Endangered Fences. For more information, please write.)

1000 Mops:
Making the world more beautiful

1000 Mops #101, copyright Mark Dahle 2014

Mark Dahle says, “You never can tell where an artist will find beauty. When I visited China a couple years ago, I saw mops everywhere and started taking pictures of them. I thought I might do a series. But I wasn’t in China long enough to take an impressive number of pictures of mops. So I decided to create a thousand artworks based on one mop.”

The artworks in this series invite conversations about what makes things related and what makes them different, what constitutes "family" and "individual."

The 13 x 19 inch artworks are printed on museum-quality 100% cotton rag paper with long-lasting pigment based inks. Each original is signed by Mark Dahle on the back. There is only one print of each numbered mop signed by Mark Dahle anywhere in the world.

Mops are available as individual mops, as an unbroken series of 10 Mops and as an unbroken series of 99 Mops.



Limited Edition Artworks based on the covers of Mark's beautiful Portfolios are now available

Limited Edition Artwork based on the cover of Amanda Gets A Pumpkin, copyright Mark Dahle 2014

The beautiful cover for Mark Dahle's portfolio Amanda Gets A Pumpkin is now available as a limited edition artwork signed by Mark Dahle. Only 100 total artworks of the cover will be produced (in varying sizes and configurations).

The artwork currently available is a beautiful signed print on 13 x 19 inch acid-free 100% cotton rag archival paper. (The dimensions include the border and signature.) The paper has no chemical substances to contribute to premature deterioration and no optical brighteners that fade over time. The images are created with professional-grade, long-lasting pigment-based inks.

Artworks of the covers of all portfolios released so far are available in similar archival editions of 100.


How to know when to invest in art

I ask two questions when I'm thinking about whether I should invest in a particular piece of art or not. They help me avoid two common mistakes that I've made when I didn't ask the questions.

First, the questions help me avoid times when I invest but should have walked away instead. I don't do that very often. More commonly, the questions help me avoid what for me is a far more painful mistake: times when I walked away from a piece I should have invested in. I still think about some one-of-a-kind pieces that I let go and wish I had in my collection. In some cases I've had more than three decades to get over it.

Using the two questions has helped me avoid these two errors. Maybe the questions will help you too.

Mark Dahle Portfolios

Thought-provoking and beautiful, Mark Dahle Portfolios (and the videos of them) feature an unusual combination of compelling photographs, brilliant paintings and deceptively simple text.

Most portfolios include:
* a colorful abstract painting
* twenty (or more) beautiful photos
* a short story or commentary

Unlike many picture books, the text in the portfolios is unrelated to the paintings and photographs.

More than forty portfolios have been released, some for children and adults, some for older kids and adults, and some for adults.

When The Trolls Moved

Other videos to sample: Trip 21 BirdSeed Hungry

The Carpenter And The Twig is now available

Mark Dahle's twenty-first portfolio, The Carpenter And The Twig, tells the story of a carpenter who made fine furniture from scraps. When he was asked to make a gift for the princess, he didn't know what to do. The portfolio includes 26 beautiful photographs from Detroit and an extraordinary painting. It makes a great gift!

Limited edition prints of all portfolios, including their beautiful covers, are available. Check out our page of brief descriptions of all the portfolios. Here are some of the great portfolios currently available:

Stories For Children & Adults
Amanda Gets A Pumpkin, A Mark Dahle Portfolio Any Pet I Wanted, A Mark Dahle Portfolio The Ostrich Fart, A Mark Dahle Portfolio When The Trolls Moved, A Mark Dahle Portfolio

Stories For Older Kids & Adults
An Assignment From Hell, A Mark Dahle Portfolio The Boy Who Loved Monopoly, A Mark Dahle Portfolio Cover of Farmer Jane, a Mark Dahle Portfolio Galfin's Restaurant, A Mark Dahle Portfolio The Harvest, A Mark Dahle Portfolio Hungry, A Mark Dahle Portfolio Mama Yah's Kitchen, a Mark Dahle Portfolio The Man Who Liked To Dream, A Mark Dahle Portfolio Nina Goes To Hell, a Mark Dahle Portfolio Race Day, A Mark Dahle Portfolio Roger's Well, A Mark Dahle Portfolio Teri's Renovation, A Mark Dahle Portfolio Trip 21, A Mark Dahle Portfolio

Commentaries For Adults
Birdseed, a Mark Dahle Portfolio Finding Joel, a Mark Dahle Portfolio One Day's Encouragement, A Mark Dahle Portfolio

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 1992

Abstract art © Mark Dahle 1992.

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 1999.

Abstract Art, #9912. © 1999 Mark Dahle.

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 1996

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 1997

Abstract art, #9612 © Mark Dahle 1996.

Abstract art © Mark Dahle 1997.

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 2008

Abstract art, #2008 © Mark Dahle 2008.

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 2007

Abstract art, Stop and Go Series © Mark Dahle 2007.

Abstract art, Heart Experiences Series © Mark Dahle 2009.

Abstract art, Heart Experiences Series © Mark Dahle 2009.

Abstract art, Heart Experiences Series © Mark Dahle 2009.

Abstract art, Heart Experiences Series © Mark Dahle 2009.